Analysis Of Grand Strategy Of Russia: A Case Study Of Putin’s Regime


  • Muhammad Umar Farooq Baloch
  • Shehar Bano



east word expansion, NATO, Ukraine, Putin, Russia, Grand Strategy


The article revolves around the debate of Russian Grand Strategy with special focus on the Putin’s era. By using empirical designs based on interpretive approach, the research claims that modern day Russia is greatly transmuted by the Putin’s grand strategy. The dynamic shift of the Russian strategy has triggered the debate of resurgence of Russia, therefore it has changed the narrative from reserved assertiveness towards aggression by Putinism greatly prevailed through the 4 terms of his rule. Unlike Gorbachev Putin’s Russia rose through the remnants of cold war towards the dominance over the world but the western actions diverge it towards aggression as the security threats posed by NATO’s eastward expansionism. Russia pursues the objective to reclaim and hold its influence on its near abroad through challenging western ideals and pursuance of strategic ends across wide range of means.



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Muhammad Umar Farooq Baloch, & Shehar Bano. (2023). Analysis Of Grand Strategy Of Russia: A Case Study Of Putin’s Regime. MAIRAJ, 2(2), 37–45.