Representation Of Woman In Urdu Literature


  • Muhammad Ahmed Awan
  • Abdul Khalique



Muhammadi Begum., Feminism, Wahida Nasim, Anjum Aara, Aurat


In the early period of literature, the concept of woman was completely traditional i.e. she had an exhibition status. Early Urdu poetry consisted of imaginations. In which woman appears as a lover. Here, the woman was either a queen or a princess. If she was a maidservant, she was so beautiful that men fell down and fainted as soon as they saw her. In Urdu poetry too, the poets distorted the original form of woman. Here, woman were limited to the limits of lovers and prostitutes, thus, in Urdu poetry and literature, woman came to be seen as an unfaithful concubine and the most important source of luxury and sensual pleasure for men. There is no mention of a woman from an average noble family because even taking a woman's name was considered bad during that time. Western education changed the makeup of the Indian woman to some extent. She realized her inferiority. He realized for the first time that there was a world outside the home.



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