Depiction Of Baltistan’s Civilization And Its People In Urdu Travelogue


  • Nazia Kanwal
  • Dr. Abu Bakar



Mafing Festival., Unique Shamshal, My Baltistan, Indeliblity of Civilization, Salama Awan


Baltistan is one of the most beautiful areas of Pakistan situated in its North. Mr. Asif Ali Zardari named this area Gilgit-Baltistan through an ordinance in 2009. The writers of Urdu travelogues in Pakistan have beautifully portrayed severalcolours of the civilization of Baltistane.g; cultural festivals, food, customs and traditions, sports and values in their works and enriched Urdu literature. Most of the travelogues have been written about Northern areas.

The writers of Urdu travelogues have depicted the beautiful scenes of huge mountains, hilarious cascades and fascinating valleys of ‘Gilgit-Baltistan’ in a way as if the reader is wander in heaven after its reading. Our writers have highlighted physical beauty and civilization of this area that the reader is much curious to visit this place. This area has been blessed not only with apparent beauty but also with spiritual enlightenment. The beauty of character of the natives stands for spiritual enlightenment. They have further adorned this area with beauty of their characters. They are different from the rest of the people of Pakistan in their simplicity, courage, hardworking, honour and sincerity and these qualities enrich their separate existence. In this article, a comprehensive analysis of civilization and people of Baltistan has been presented.



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