Causes and effects of educational backwardness and Pakistani society


  • Aqsa Rukhsar
  • Dr. Shazia Razzaq



development, fundamental right, violation, social harmony, criminal, law,, nation, uncivilized, consciousness


The positive changes that education brings to our thoughts, helps in overcoming the difficulties of life. Various social problems of our society can be eradicated only through education because, the development of society depends upon the awareness of discernment which is possible only through education. An educated rank can lead a better standard of living. Education is the name of awakening of consciousness not only in individuals but also in masses and foster a civilized society.  Any society lacking education is not only deemed incomplete but also a dysfunctional one in the world. Societies based on ignorance always fail and lead to anarchy, ill mannered, immoral, and uncivilized lifestyle. Success cannot be imagined without education. Education is the first necessity for socio-economic development of any nation. Education helps in maintaining law and order in the country. A well-educated population tends to uphold the law, while an uneducated one may promote criminal activities like theft, robbery, and murder to fulfill their needs and wants; ultimately disrupting social harmony and leading to; law and order violation in society.  Education is the movement from darkness to light; and is the fundamental right of every human being in this world because the development of the world is entirely dependent on education.



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Aqsa Rukhsar, & Dr. Shazia Razzaq. (2023). Causes and effects of educational backwardness and Pakistani society. MAIRAJ, 2(2), 56–64.