Sustainable Development Goal-4 with the Perspective of Public Schools in Punjab


  • Dr. Saima Malik UMT
  • Dr. Laila Khalid
  • Huma Ghulam Nabi



UNICEF, World Bank, PMIU-PESRP, SDG-4, School Education Department


This qualitative study aimed to examine the practical implications of Sustainable Development Goal-4 (SDGs) in public schools of Punjab. SDG-4 targets were analyzed through an educational plan framework (Asghar, 2016). Qualitative Content Analysis (QCA) was deployed to analyze the status of implementation of SDG-4 and key gaps between the settled targets of SDG-4 and initiatives taken by the School Education Department Govt. of Punjab by organizing textual data and producing codes, and themes. Findings revealed that the School Education Department is managing three projects ie. Punjab Human Capital Investment Project (PHCIP), Actions to Strengthen Performance for Inclusive and Responsive Education (ASPIRE), and Transformation in Access, Learning, Equity & Education Management" (TALEEM) funded by World Bank and UNICEF respectively by its attached organization Punjab Monitoring and Implementation Unit-Punjab Education Sector Reforms (PMIU-PESRP). The findings of the present study are very informative as well as useful for researchers, School Education Department, and donor-funded agencies. Key recommendations include continuous teachers training; provision of resources to access quality and inclusive education; targeted interventions and societal awareness for removal of language and gender disparities in order to ensure equal learning opportunities for all.



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Malik, D. S., Dr. Laila Khalid, & Huma Ghulam Nabi. (2023). Sustainable Development Goal-4 with the Perspective of Public Schools in Punjab. MAIRAJ, 2(2), 1–9.